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Penny Lane Realtors

Penny Lane Realtors

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Penny Lane Realtors

Welcome to Penny Lane a Different Type of Realtor!

Penny Lane Realtors is an organization built to embrace the New Economy, Technology, and more importantly the new Home Buying Generations while continuing to cater to the current Generations of Homeowners in a new and more efficient manner.

Marketing a home properly doesn’t cost as much as it did just a few years ago due primarily to the Internet and the new technologies available to Realtors. We understand that the Realtor Commission is a big part of the pricing decision because every Homeowner has dreams and needs to keep as much of their hard earned money as possible.Our organization is built with low overhead so that we can offer Reduced Rate listing programs and maintain a Full Service offering for our Clients.

In this market a properly priced home will sell no matter if you hire the #1 Agent or the Worst Agent’s infant child. We have the Tools and Experience to show you how to price your home correctly and make informed decisions.

For Buyers we understand the difficulty in saving for a Down Payment, so we help you by giving you a Rebate on the purchase of your new home.

Many Realtors Talk the Talk but we Drive the Drive. What's your Realtor doing for you? Drive down our Lane and let us show you how a Penny Saved today will help you achieve your dreams of tomorrow……

"Realtors Giving Back to the Clients they Serve"

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